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Kusangar North


North Kusangar is only 70 km away from Moscow. It is a quiet place in the forest on Klyazma River. Nearby there is a small lake where you can swim and have a picnic around.
In Kunsangar North there's a Gompa for 300 people, four dormitories with 160 sleeping places (showers and toilets are for several rooms), dining building for 300 people where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, bar, campsite. Dinner is 3-5 Euro.
Also there is an office building, Yantra Yoga halls and a small sauna for 20 people.
You can use Wi-Fi for free, but the connection is not very good. You can also buy a 3G USB stick for unlimited Internet, which is about 20 Euro per month.
In 20 minutes walk you can find small shops where you can buy everything you need.

How to get here:

The best way to get is to join people who have already been there. It's quite easy to find such a company before a retreat. You can write to about the date you are arriving and we'll answer when and where you can join people travelling from Moscow to NK. Also a free lift is possible.
Others travel by public transport (underground, train, taxi) which takes about 2 hours and will cost around 15 Euro.
A taxi from Moscow to NK will cost up to 100 Euro.
Accommodation in NK
For the retreat 25-29 July 2012 there's a separate building reserved for foreigners with rooms for 2, 3 or 6 people. Showers and toilets are for several rooms.
The price is about 10-25 euro for a bed.
Also camping is available.


For the last year, since Rinpoche’s retreat in May 2011, we have build two new wood houses for 16 participants, renovated rooms and café hall.


New Gompa
Rinpoche's house


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