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explanation by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu,  Namgyalgar 2000

(The Mirror # 53, May/June 2000)

"I know there are many people in different places who want to follow the teaching , but are not able to attend my retreats. For example some people from Ukraine asked me, "Please come to the Ukraine to give transmission". About thirty people from the Ukraine are able to attend my retreats in Kunsangar, but really there are hundreds of people in the Ukraine who are seriously interested in the teaching. They read some books, and are very interested. But they say, "We cannot travel to Merigar; we cannot even travel to Kunsangar". Why? Because they do not have enough money. Even if some people have a little money, it is difficult to coordinate their families, etc. ...They asked me to come there. And until now I have tried to go to different places for that reason. Since I know there are many people who really are interested, somehow I go and try to do something for them. But this is also difficult for me.  I cannot always do that. I am getting older and older every day, not younger and younger. The situation is becoming more and more heavy. I need to relax more often for some time in different places.

But if I renounce all these people, it is not good. So I have been thinking, "What can I do for them?" Then I had an idea, "Now I want to prepare a video"... Currently we have two worldwide practices each year when we all do practice together. The first occasion is the anniversary of Garab Dorje on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month; the second occasion is the anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava on the tenth day of the sixth lunar month. That means we communicate together; we are in the same state in the same moment. So this is just like we are transmitting.  I want to add a third worldwide practice day - the anniversary of Adzam Drugpa on the twenty-fifth day of the ninth lunar month.

So on these three special days, we will do a kind of worldwide collective practice,but not only a collective practice -I also want to give a kind of transmission, particularly for new people. In the first part of the video I will explain one thing after another that we should do: how to sit, how to visualise, etc. The video will explain how to go ahead with everything. So people can listen and learn that. And in particular, old practitioners can help new people who do not understand very well what I am explaining. So people listen and learn precisely some time before the worldwide practice day.

And when the day arrives, in the second part of the video I am doing this practice. But I am not only doing what I do in general, but I am also transmitting Guruyoga. So people will already know what to do because they learned from the first part of the video. And old people are present with new people. So old and new people use the video during their practice, and in that moment when people are doing that practice with the video, I am doing the practice wherever I am -in Australia, South America, U.S.A. etc. On that day, in that precise moment, I am transmitting for people. So then transmission is alive because transmission has no distance. I am transmitting, people are working, people are being in the transmission. So people can receive transmission this way.

This is not only for new people, but old practitioners who participate can refresh transmission, be in the transmission, and increase capacity for transmission.... These videos will be translated into different languages ... After ...we can give copies to all Gakyils. So the Gakyils in different places must be responsible. Otherwise people think, "Oh , this is a video" and then they show it everywhere and some people view it like an ordinary video. That is not good. People must know that this is something related with transmission.

People who are seriously interested can have the possibility to use the videos by making a request to the Gakyil. So the Gakyils will control this. This is really important. Three times a year people have the possibility to receive transmission. So this is something about my new idea. "

If you plan to take part in World Wide Transmission, you must get explanations on how to do practice. Usually local communities organize some seminars to study this.

You can contact local community in your city and find out when such seminar will take place and also get text of the practice

World Wide Transmission is done in open webcast. This means that you are not requested to hawe password to connect.

Webcasts schedule is at the webcasts page.

All information on how to connect to the webcast you can find HERE.

If you are not familiar with Dzogchen Teaching, but interested to have info about World Wide Transmission, in order to understand the sense of the Transmission better, you can listen to the Webcast of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

Wecasts schedule and information on how to connect you can find at «WEBCASTS» page.

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